The Ultimate List of Useful Christmas Gifts for all Types of Women

Christmas is so much fun. I love watching others open their gifts and see how much joy they get out of something new. One issue, I find, however, is finding the perfect gift for everyone. Especially those that are more difficult to shop for, like other women.

Some don’t know what they want. Some are picky. And others are so selfless, they want nothing.

So I compiled this list of simple items that aren’t over-the-top to help you find that perfect gift. These are all practical and useful gifts that you can be sure she’s not going to throw away immediately after receiving.

Hopefully, it’s as helpful for your Christmas shopping this year as it was for me.

Without further ado, here is the ultimate list of useful Christmas gifts for all the women in your life.

Bonus: each gift is under $25!


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For the Coffee or Tea Drinker

Rejoice in the Lord Always – Jumbo Mug – $12.99
Rejoice in the Lord Always - Jumbo Mug

This 16-ounce coffee mug is perfect to keep anyone’s hands and hearts warm during the cold winter months. She can use it during quiet time in the mornings, or while cuddling up with a good book, or while working in the office. Also, it’s both microwave-safe and dishwasher-safe for easy heating and cleaning!

Shop now for the mug fanatic in your life.




Love Brings Us Together – Tea Bag Holder – $8

Love Brings Us Together - Tea Bag Holder


If you’re shopping instead for a tea drinker, look no further than this lovely ceramic tea bag holder. It’s sophisticated and fun at the same time, but also incredibly useful. At 3″, it’s not so big that it’s in the way, but also not too small for a tea bag to rest nicely.

Shop now for the tea drinker in your life.








For the Chef and Entertainer

Daily Grace – Grace for Today – Serving Bowl – $15Daily Grace - Grace for Today - Serving Bowl

We all know that woman who somehow seems to make entertaining guests look easy, but who you also can’t seem to find the right gift for. Look no further than this beautiful serving bowl. The design is hand-painted but the bowl is still dishwasher and microwave-safe. It’s 10.5″ in diameter, large enough for rolls, a side, or snack mix at her next gathering.

Shop for the hostess in your life today.




Cream and Sugar Set

If she entertains often and has guests over at her home, she likely wants to present her ingredients in a nice manner. These cream and sugar containers are stylish, but also practical enough for daily use if she’d like.


Terracotta Brown Sugar Bears

Anyone who uses brown sugar often knows how frustrating it can be to have clumpy sugar, especially when in a pinch. I have one of these, and it spoils you so much that you forget brown sugar ever used to clump before you got it. Not only is this simple and practical, it’s cute, too! The baker in your life will love this.



For the Writer, Journaler, and Reader

Redeemed – Faith Journal – $12.99Redeemed - Christian Journal

We all have that woman in our lives who loves writing notes and journal her thoughts. This is the perfect gift for her, with 160 inspiring pages for her to make whatever she chooses. This beautifully-designed notebook fits perfectly in a purse for on-the-go use!

Shop for the writer in your life today!







Faithbox One Month Subscription – $25
Faithbox Monthly Subscription

Surprise the reading woman with one month of Faithbox, a monthly subscription box for Christians that includes a daily devotional book, Everyday Faith, plus inspired content and tools to help her end the month more uplifted than she began. Likewise, it comes with hand-picked products and books from companies that have a positive mission!

Shop for the book lover now.



For the Fashionista

Good Things – Trinket Dish – $10

Good Things - Trinket DishNobody wants to throw around their jewelry after they are done for the day. The fashionista in your life will definitely use this dish, perfect for rings, pins, necklaces, and other delicate pieces. With an uplifting verse, it will ensure she ends her day on a high note. Because it’s 4″ in diameter, it’s large enough to fit several of her trinkets.

Shop for a fashionista now.





Jewelry Cleaner – $9.99

Jewelry CleanerObviously, this isn’t the flashiest gift someone could receive, but for a fashionista, it’s very practical. If you have someone in your life who wears jewelry, this is a must-have. Keep her jewelry looking shiny, bright, and clean with this excellently-priced jewelry cleaner.

Shop for the jewelry lover today.





For the Crafter

Red Heart Super Saver Yarn 3pk – $10.47

Red Heart Super Saver Yarn 3pkI am one of those crazy crafting ladies. I can’t get enough of all my craft supplies. If you know of someone like me, consider buying her something she’s sure to need: YARN! Even if she loves buying her own yarn, pick some funky colors out for her instead. With this three pack, you’re sure to find combinations that work well with nearly any craft project.

Shop for the yarn lover in your life today!






Cricut® Vinyl Sampler Pack, Metallic – $12.99
Cricut<sup>®</sup> Vinyl Sampler Pack, Metallics

Anyone who owns a Cricut® knows how invaluable it is to have materials on hand when you need them. Get the crafter in your life this metallic vinyl sampler pack to use on her next project!

Shop for the crafty friend in your life now.



For the Busy Do-it-all Woman

Magnetic Paper Clip Desk Toy

We all need a little stress relief. The one is for the woman who’s so busy she doesn’t take the time to relax or reflect. This magnetic sculpture is made to do just that for her! At just under $10, it’s an inexpensive addition to her work or home desk for when things get a bit too stressful in life.


Box of 9 Vegan Bath Bombs

If you know of a woman who needs to take more time to relax, look no further than a set of bath bombs to give her a relaxing bath. Not only are they a great value, but they’re perfect for women of all ages.

Fresh Salad To Go Container

If she’s busy, chances are, she doesn’t have much time for elaborate meals. Help her out with this salad container for salads on the go.


For the Light-Hearted

Date Night Ideas Box

This hand-made adorable date night idea box is perfect for any couple that wants to shake things up. The box is nice enough to sit out on a coffee table and the discs are made of wood. It comes with a total of 48 ideas, enough to keep dates fun for a long time!



What do you think about these gifts? Let me know your thoughts!


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