How Save $600 a Year on Your Internet Bill Without Bundling

Are you paying more than $35 a month for your internet? Read our tips on how to save $600 a year on your internet bill without bundling!

Do you ever look at your internet bill and wonder if you could negotiate a lower price? I know I’m not the only one who thinks internet costs way more than it should. Especially because there’s free WiFi almost everywhere you go.

However, because many of us need internet, either because we work from home, our kids have online school work, or we have various other digital devices that are connected through it, we feel trapped by the ridiculously-high internet prices.

Gone are the days of awesome deals where you can get cheap reliable internet for $10 a month (in part, because of our reliance on it now). As speeds increase, and so do our bandwidth needs, the prices will continually creep up.

All hope is not lost, however. You can still get cheap(er) internet without having to sell your soul.

There are tricks of the trade that can save you up to $600 a year on your internet bill…and you don’t have to bundle!

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How Internet Companies Work

Internet companies typically offer two pricing options/packages for new customers:

  • A yearly “contract” that’s typically the lowest price internet companies offer, but you have to pay hefty fees to cancel your service. Essentially, the fees remain low because you’re locked in for 6 months, a year, 2 years, or more.
  • A “price for life” non-contract option that is typically a little higher than the contract price, but you can cancel at any time with no fee

If you’ve ever tried to lower your bill, the first option customer service will offer you is to bundle your internet with a landline phone or cable TV.

When you decline those options, they often won’t offer a better price for your internet.

They won’t, that is, if you don’t follow these awesome tips. Below are some awesome tips to help you lower your internet price, no matter if you’re in a contract or have a price-for-life option.

Lower your Internet Bill if You’re in a Contract

I’ve saved SO much money by calling my internet provider each year to negotiate a lower rate. Since getting internet on my own 4 years ago, I’ve never paid more than $35 a month (and no, I didn’t bundle it with a home phone or cable TV or anything else!)

Here’s how: I signed up at an introductory rate with my internet provider for $19.99 + tax for a year. I then set a calendar reminder for 11 and a half months later to call the internet company again. By the time I called the following year, I had already received my next bill which said my rate would go up to $69.99 a month.

You should NEVER pay that. EVER.

When I first got connected with customer service, I asked if I could continue with my $19.99 bill. They told me no (which I expected), so I asked for the customer loyalty department. That’s the key right there. Make sure to ask for the customer loyalty department.

The person transferred me immediately and within 10 minutes, I lowered my bill down to $24.99 a month for the next year. That’s a savings of $540 in a year!

As you may expect, I have a running calendar reminder every year around February to call again to negotiate a lower rate. I’ve never been told “no” by the customer loyalty department. I may not have received the same price I came in hoping for, but I received a significantly better price than I would have had to pay otherwise.

In summary, here’s how you can save up to $600 a year on your internet bill when in a contract:

  1. Call your internet company to ask for a lower rate. If you aren’t automatically transferred, ask for the customer loyalty department
  2. Negotiate with customer loyalty to get the current rate for new customers (that’s the best deal I’ve been able to get)
  3. This will lock you into another year contract so you’ll keep the lower rate for an entire 12 months
  4. Set a calendar reminder for 11 and half months from today to call again (when you do call again, they may tell you to call back a week or two later depending on when your billing cycle falls in the month)
  5. Repeat!


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Lower your Internet Bill if you Aren’t in a Contract

If you are on a price-for-life type of internet plan (this seems to be more and more common these days), there’s still a chance you can lower your internet bill.

I’ve traditionally been on a contract until recently. When I called my internet provider this month, the customer loyalty team told me they are pushing everyone off of their contracts and onto their Price-for-Life plan instead.

What that means is that I’m no longer in a contract like I was in the past. Yippee!

But wait – remember when I mentioned earlier that you’ll pay a higher price if you aren’t in a contract? Woof.

That doesn’t have to be true. Not if you play your cards right.

Here are the steps I took to negotiate a lower price on my Price-for-Life internet plan (and I saved $420 a year on my internet!):

  • I called my internet company to ask for a lower rate. I asked for the customer loyalty department (they gave me a phone number to call instead of transferring me – boo).
  • The customer loyalty personnel immediately asked me questions to convince me to get DirectTV. After repeatedly saying “no,” she stopped asking.
  • For a script you can use when calling, download our internet bill negotiation guide!

Download our FREE Internet Bill Negotiation Guide + Script!


  • She then moved onto telling me she could lower my bill from $70 to $45 a month by going into the Price-for-Life plan. That wasn’t good enough.
  • (At this time, the representative might try to offer you a “cheaper deal” by choosing a slower speed than you’re using right now. Don’t give in to this option quite yet. If you’re happy with your speed, continue pressing forward.
  • I then asked her “why was my internet bill $25 for the last year and now I’m suddenly paying $45 for no added benefits?” She took another $10 off a month for being a “loyal customer.”
  • My bill is now $35 a month and I’m not stuck in a contract. I literally cut my internet bill IN HALF just by negotiating.

The Bottom Line

  • Always get the customer service rep to move away from the bundle option. If you don’t already pay for TV or a landline (does anyone?!) then bundling is NEVER a better option.
  • Never take the first deal they offer you. Always pose another question to determine how you can get a better deal. I’ve only been turned down once in five years and that was when his first offer was $25 (so it was already a great deal!)
  • Be incredibly polite the whole time. Never raise your voice and never disrespect the customer service rep. Being kind will get you a lot further than being rude.

For more tips on cutting down your internet bill, download our Internet Bill Negotiation Guide today! In this guide, you’ll receive some excellent tips for negotiating, as well as an example script of the phrases you should use when speaking with your internet company.

Don’t go in without a plan; use this guide to assist you!

Download our FREE Internet Bill Negotiation Guide + Script!


Do you have some excellent tips that helped you negotiate for cheaper internet? We’d love to know in the comments!


Are you paying more than $35 a month for your internet? Read our tips on how to save $600 a year on your internet bill without bundling!

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