How to Save $50 on Gift Wrapping for Christmas

Looking to save money this Christmas? Read how you can save $50+ this year on Christmas gift wrapping supplies!

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Every year, I dread wrapping gifts for Christmas. It’s an added cost that I never seem to think about until the last minute. Plus, it ALWAYS takes longer than I expect. ALWAYS.

Until last year.

Last year, a friend told me about a little-known secret that seriously saved me $50 on gift wrapping.

I’ll never wait in long lines again for the after-Christmas sales at the large department stores, hoping to save 50% on gift wrapping that I don’t really like.

Instead, I’ll shop at the DollarTree for all of my gift-wrapping from now on.

DollarTree carries incredibly cute gift wrapping for every occasion (especially Christmas) and it’s all only $1.

Here’s how I saved $50 last year alone on my Christmas gift wrapping!

I Saved $40 on Gift Bags for Christmas

Gift bags are the one thing that I always buy last-minute. What that means is that I usually don’t buy them on sale (I HATE paying full price!) Most years, I usually buy around 10 bags to get me through the Christmas season.

Other stores: $3 – $5 per bag

DollarTree: $1 for jumbo and large bags, 2 for $1 for medium bags

We LOVE these elegant gift bags! Click here to view them online for 2 for $1! 

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I saved: About $40

I Saved $6 on Christmas Tissue Paper

I can almost NEVER find tissue paper during after-Christmas sales. What that means is that I also have to pay full price for tissue paper, because I have to have it. At DollarTree, it’s inexpensive, and I always the color choices I need.

Other stores: $3 – $4 for a 20 pack

DollarTree: $1 for a 24 pack

Nothing says Christmas more than red and green tissue paper from DollarTree!

I saved: $6 on two packs of tissue paper

I Saved $4 on Christmas Gift Tags

Every year, I buy gift tags during the after-Christmas sales at larger stores. Even on sale, these tags usually run around $2-$4.

Other stores: $3 for similar-sized packs of gift tags

DollarTree: $1 for packs of 25 – 50 gift tags



We really like this pack of 25 foil gift tags for only $1!

I saved: $4 on two packages of gift tags

If you have been keeping track, I saved a total of $50 on gift wrapping last Christmas!

That’s $50 a year in savings, which means year-after-year I’ll save this with DollarTree. No longer do I need another line item in my budget just to wrap the gifts I’ve already worked so hard for.

As you can see, it’s easy to save money on your Christmas wrapping without much effort (which is totally our thing!). Take a quick peek and you will see why we can’t speak highly enough about buying gift wrapping at the DollarTree!

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