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For Your Career


We love Grammarly for everything writing-related. It is a grammar and spell check extension you can add to your browser, Microsoft® Office, OS X, or Windows to check nearly anything you type. 

We can’t say enough great things about Grammarly, especially because it’s free and incredibly robust. You don’t need to pair it with any other spell checker or app because it is that good. You can add words to the dictionary, see stats of your writing and error ratios, and so much more. You won’t regret downloading it.

Stephen King's On Writing

Even if you’re not much of a reader, this book is an excellent read. King is such an amazing writer that he could make any boring topic enthralling – and this book is no different. Get excellent writing pointers from one of the greats, and learn more about him as a person in the process.

If you’re at all interested in becoming a better writer, you need On Writing in your library

For Your Family


DaySpring is hands-down our favorite place to buy greeting cards, and it’s probably what they are most known for. However, DaySpring also has some amazing faith-based gifts for the whole family.

Dayspring paper products are awesome, as are the calendars, mugs, decor, and children’s clothes. Well, really everything is great. We have no complaints. And if you’re a bargain-hunter, DaySpring runs some of the best sales around. Check out the selection today!

The Slay Your Goals Planner

slay your goals planner

The Slay Your Goals Planner is one of our favorite planners—ever. It’s not just a planner, or a guide for setting goals, or even a to-do list; it’s a planner to actually help you achieve your goals.

This planner gets to the root of your intentions and holds your hand every step of the way as you work to finally accomplish your goals. You’ll be able to stay accountable and meet mini-goals along the process so that even the largest, most overwhelming goals are finally achievable!

We can’t believe this didn’t exist before, but now that it does, we love it! It’s an incredibly-reasonable $27 for you to use this to set your goals forever. Learn more here.

Emily Ley Simplified Planner

simplified planner by Emily Ley

As you can tell, we’re obsessed with planners here at Successfully Simple Sisters. This is because they work. If you’re looking to stay on top of day-to-day tasks, this is the planner for you.

If you’re looking to simplify and organize your life, look no further than the Simplified Planner by Emily Ley. It’s one of our favorite planners, because it’s beautiful, perfectly-sized for bags and purses, and high-quality. These planners hold up no matter the craziness in your life.

We gladly recommend the Simplified Planner for any person looking to have a more organized life.


PureFlix is one of our favorite ways to watch family-friendly shows and movies. Available to stream on all your devices, and up to 5 at once, the whole family can enjoy today. For less than the cost of other streaming services, you can watch shows you actually feel good about.Start Your Free Trial at PureFlix.

Saving Money


Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

You’ve probably heard of Ebates before, but if you haven’t, read on. Ebates is a rewards site that gives you cash back on all your online shopping. Sure, there are other cash-back sites out there, but Ebates is easy-to-use, has a huge database of available stores, and provides better cash-back rates than other places we’ve seen. 

Best of all, while we’ve rarely encountered issues with Ebates, if something goes wrong and you don’t get your cash back, it’s easy to resubmit and ensure you receive it. Ebates is entirely free to use, so sign up today!


Ibotta is a free money-saving mobile app that helps you save on every shopping trip. Whether you’re buying groceries, shopping for new clothes, or ordering food, you can save money with cash back rebates. 

You shop, scan barcodes, upload your receipt, and receive money within a few days. It’s really that easy! We highly recommend Ibotta, and if you join using our link, you’ll automatically receive $10 just for signing up!



Shareasale is an affiliate marketing website with thousands of companies on the list. We use Shareasale and love the simple interface, the excellent reporting, and the wide selection of affiliate products.

Get paid for your great content.