8 Weird Things that Happen When You Work From Home

8 weird things that happen when you work from home

  When I graduated college, my life changed drastically. I continued working at the same company where I had been interning, except now in a full-time capacity. I got married just 17 days after graduation (boy was that stressful – that’s a story for another time). Then, everything took an even more unexpected change when my husband entered grad school, causing me to work from home. Although it as a long, prayerful decision, we packed our bags and moved 300 miles for his classes. Luckily, I work at a flexible company that allows employees to work from home as needed. […]

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10 Resume Tips to Land A Job in 2017

Whether you are looking for a new role or you’re content with the one you have, keeping an updated resume is critical in identifying what you do and how you do it well. This also goes for sites like LinkedIn and ZipRecruiter. Keep your profile updated as best as you are able. These are two of the top websites Recruiters use to source candidates for a role – even if that person isn’t looking to leave their job. To stay competitive in the job market today, here are 10 tips to land that job this year. Once you make sure […]

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Land Your Dream Job with These 10 Tips

Land your dream job with these 10 tips

I’m truly blessed that I landed my dream job right out of college. I already knew I would get a full-time offer before starting my senior year of college, lifting so much weight off my shoulders that last year. I work for an amazing company that puts family first and values all employees. You might be thinking, All the cards must have been in her favor. Not everyone gets that lucky. I’m not going to lie – I’m sure there was a little luck in there. But more than that, it was my planning during (and before) college, my dedication, and faith that got […]

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5 Things New College Grads Learn the Hard Way

5 Things New College Grads Learn the Hard Way

    You graduate from college high on life and ready to take on the workforce. You believe you leave with everything you need for your career, and you’re ready to share all your knowledge with your new coworkers. However, you soon learn your textbooks didn’t have all the wisdom necessary to succeed. Even the task of applying for your first “big kid” job is intimidating. One of the best things you can do is upload your resume on sites like Monster.com to make it easier for recruiters to find you for those qualified jobs. This culture shock takes you aback. You […]

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Why I Choose my Husband over my Baby

Why I choose my husband over my baby.

  If given the choice, I try to make a conscious effort to choose my husband over my baby. I know this view will not be popular and some may stop reading right here, but before you do, give me a chance to explain. I met one of my husband’s childhood friends after church a few months ago. Like us, he too recently had his first baby. One thing he said bothered us and has stuck with me since he said it. He said, “The love I have for my fiancé will never match my love for my son. I will […]

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How to Get a Promotion (Without Outwardly Asking)

How to get a promotion without outwardly asking for it!

So, you’ve been in your role for a while and you feel it’s time for you to move up in the company. You hit the point where your current role is becoming routine and you feel unfulfilled. You’re being a rockstar at your job, hitting all your numbers, and you want others to notice. You know it’s time for that promotion you rightfully deserve. However, you don’t feel right asking for one. Either you are too shy (we’ve been there!), too scared, or don’t feel close enough to ask your manager for the promotion. Don’t you wish your hard work […]

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Breastfeeding Guilt – Why you Should Stop Feeling bad About Formula Feeding, Part 2

Why you should stop feeling guilty about formula feeding your baby

This is part two of a two part series on the guilt moms often experience to breastfeed. Eryn and Kaila each explain their perspectives on the matter in this series. Kaila I’ve always been the type of person who enjoys saving money (I mean, who doesn’t?!) Whenever I can find a way to cut costs on something or save some cash, you better bet I’m going to take advantage of it. You may be wondering what this has to do with breastfeeding. Well, this how my breastfeeding story begins. I honestly entertained the thought of breastfeeding initially because of the […]

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What to do When you Feel Like the Only Parent Whose Baby Won’t Sleep

What to do when you feel like the only one whose baby won't sleep

I have a confession to make: my baby doesn’t sleep well. I know, I know, most people have bouts of sleeplessness from their babies. But most don’t have a consistently poor-sleeping baby for months on end. My almost four month old is still sleeping horribly, even though everyone kept telling me it would get better by now. “If you’re feeding him formula, he’ll be sleeping through the night by two months, tops.” Laughable. “Just wait until he hits 11 pounds. He’ll sleep much better by then. There is something magical about that weight.” Nope. “Oh that 12-week mark was the golden age […]

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8 Phrases Every New Parent Says

8 Things every new parent says

    Sometimes, you find yourself saying the strangest phrases after you become a parent. Whether you’re saying it to yourself or your child, you find yourself saying things non-parent you never would have expected. “Don’t chew on that.” This begins from your baby’s first day in this world. Whether he is chewing on the straps of the car seat, the bib, his hand – it’s always something. Once your little one begins to crawl and walk, it goes to an entirely new and gross level. Because he’s now mobile, it’s something he found on the ground and you don’t even […]

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How to cope when your baby won’t stop crying

We know you've been there. You had that baby that won't stop crying. You were THAT mom.

The first 3 months of my son’s life would have been much easier if I had learned how to cope when my baby wouldn’t stop crying. I became THAT mom with THAT baby. You know the type. The mom running through the supermarket while her baby cries the entire trip. The mom that hasn’t heard an entire church service since her baby was born because she’s constantly running out of the service to avoid disturbing others from her baby’s tears. The mom that can’t take her baby to a restaurant without disrupting every else’s meal for an hour. I have THAT […]

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