15 Tips to Get Your Bad Sleeper to Sleep…FINALLY!

Have you struggled with getting your baby to sleep through the night? Try our 15 tips to get your bad sleeper to finally sleep!

I have a one-year-old boy, and I have to admit: that first year wasn’t always fun. I know, any seasoned parent could have told me it would be that way. The hardest part? He. Wouldn’t. Sleep. Not the normal baby-that-doesn’t-sleep. He was a Grade A bad sleeper. I remember going back to work at 8 weeks, running on 4 (broken) hours of sleep. Crazy enough, it felt normal. But I knew it wasn’t. I was exhausted, emotional, and running on fumes. At 4.5 months old, he finally slept through the night for the first time. (And by that, I mean 6 […]

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6 Things to Consider as a Working or Stay-at-Home Mom

Are you trying to decide whether to return to work or stay home after your baby? Before you make the decision, make sure you consider these 6 things.

Did you recently have a child and you can’t decide if you should stay home or go back to work? Or, do you plan to have children soon but don’t know what factors you should consider? There are so many things to consider when deciding what is best for your family as you raise your children. And sometimes, you have no idea if what you’re doing is right. (and honestly, that’s how much of parenting feels, anyway). The decision varies from family to family because everyone is in a little bit different situation. For many of us, the decision may […]

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8 Ways You’re a Better Person After Having Kids

8 ways you become a better person after you have children

If you conduct a survey of your peers to ask if they think they are “good people”, many will likely say yes. Many of us believe we’re inherently good, and even though we stumble, we strive to do what’s best. We don’t often think about how to become a better person. I would have said the same thing about myself before I had my little one about 8 months ago. I went to church, helped others, and (for the most part) tried to do what’s right. Something about my entire perspective changed after I had my son. I realized so […]

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Why I Choose my Husband over my Baby

Why I choose my husband over my baby.

If given the choice, I try to make a conscious effort to choose my husband over my baby. I know this view will not be popular and some may stop reading right here, but before you do, give me a chance to explain. I met one of my husband’s childhood friends after church a few months ago. Like us, he too recently had his first baby. One thing he said bothered us and has stuck with me since he said it. He said, “The love I have for my fiancé will never match my love for my son. I will always […]

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Breastfeeding Guilt – Why you Should Stop Feeling bad About Formula Feeding, Part 2

Why you should stop feeling guilty about formula feeding your baby

This is part two of a two part series on the guilt moms often experience to breastfeed. Eryn and Kaila each explain their perspectives on the matter in this series. Kaila I’ve always been the type of person who enjoys saving money (I mean, who doesn’t?!) Whenever I can find a way to cut costs on something or save some cash, you better bet I’m going to take advantage of it. You may be wondering what this has to do with breastfeeding. Well, this how my breastfeeding story begins. I honestly entertained the thought of breastfeeding initially because of the […]

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What to do When you Feel Like the Only Parent Whose Baby Won’t Sleep

What to do when you feel like the only one whose baby won't sleep

I have a confession to make: my baby doesn’t sleep well. I know, I know, most people have bouts of sleeplessness from their babies. But most don’t have a consistently poor-sleeping baby for months on end. My almost four month old is still sleeping horribly, even though everyone kept telling me it would get better by now. “If you’re feeding him formula, he’ll be sleeping through the night by two months, tops.” Laughable. “Just wait until he hits 11 pounds. He’ll sleep much better by then. There is something magical about that weight.” Nope. “Oh that 12-week mark was the golden age […]

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8 Phrases Every New Parent Says

8 Things every new parent says

Sometimes, you find yourself saying the strangest phrases after you become a parent. Whether you’re saying it to yourself or your child, you find yourself saying things non-parent you would never have expected. “Don’t chew on that.” This begins with your baby’s first day in this world. Whether he is chewing on the straps of the car seat, the bib, his hand – it’s always something. Once your little one begins to crawl and walk, it goes to an entirely new and gross level. Because he’s now mobile, it’s something he found on the ground and you don’t even want to […]

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How to cope when your baby won’t stop crying

We know you've been there. You had that baby that won't stop crying. You were THAT mom.

The first 3 months of my son’s life would have been much easier if I had learned how to cope better with my crying baby. I became THAT mom with THAT baby. You know the type. The mom running through the supermarket while her baby cries the entire trip. The mom that can’t take her baby to a restaurant without disrupting every else’s meal for an hour. The mom that hasn’t heard an entire church service since her baby was born because she’s constantly running out of the service to avoid disturbing others from her baby’s tears. I have THAT baby […]

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Breastfeeding Guilt – Why you Should Stop Feeling bad About Formula Feeding, Part 1

Why you should stop feeling guilty about formula feeding your baby

This is part one of a two-part series on the guilt moms often experience to breastfeed. Eryn and Kaila each explain their perspectives on the matter in this series. Eryn’s Breastfeeding Story Before Drew was born, I told myself that if I couldn’t breastfeed for whatever reason, I would be fine formula feeding him. After all, both my husband and I were formula-fed, so we knew it was possible for him to thrive on formula. When I was in the hospital, I began pumping to get my milk in and I noticed I was able to produce – something most females […]

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6 Things No One Tells you About Becoming a Working Mom

6 Things no one tells you about becoming a working mom

Deciding to become a working mom was not a difficult decision for me. I’ve always been a career-driven woman, so I had every intention of going back to work after I had kids. That was my thinking before I met my husband, anyway. Meeting him changed EVERYTHING. When we first started talking about our plans after having our first child, we instantly had different views on this matter. He liked the idea of me staying home with our kids, while I knew my passion was to help financially provide for our family. Funny how one person can change so much […]

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