9 Awesome Tips to Crush Your First Month in a New Job

Do you want to start your new job on the right foot? Read our 9 awesome tips to help you crush the first month of your new job!

A few months ago, I started a new job. It was thrilling, exciting, and also terrifying. Being new at a company is intimidating. Taking everything in is overwhelming. You’re unsure how to navigate the workplace and how to get up-to-speed in the quickest way possible. I wanted to be the best employee I could be and I wanted to rock it. But, I failed. In several areas. I don’t want you to do the same, so I’ve provided nine ways to ensure you crush it at your new job by learning from my mistakes – and mistakes others often make. […]

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Why Secret Shopping is Better Than a Part-Time Job

Are you looking for a flexible way to make extra cash? Read why we think secret shopping is better than a part-time job! And it makes MUCH MORE money!

Last year, I brought home an extra $570 by secret shopping. Although that may not sound like much, that was for about 15 hours of my time. If you have an extra hour a month, you too can reap the awesome benefits of secret shopping. And, if you have more than an hour to commit, you can bring home way more money than I did! What is Secret Shopping? Secret shopping is the act of performing tasks “secretly” as a means of rating companies on certain predefined areas. Often, you’re performing everyday tasks, buying common items, and partaking in normal […]

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Here’s How to Actually Succeed at the Goals You Set

Do you find that you never fully succeed at any of the goals you set? Read our blog on how to actually succeed at the goals you set!

Does this story sound familiar to you? You’re really energized to accomplish X project. Either something put wind under your sails, or the idea is still fresh and exciting, or someone reaffirmed the coolness of this project. Whatever it is, you’re pumped about it. You feel like you need to do allthethings today and RIGHT NOW. So, you write down your goals with the project (because that’s what every great motivational speaker says you have to do first, right?) and set up a flimsy action plan. It doesn’t matter because you’re bound to succeed! Then, a few days/weeks/months pass. You’re suddenly […]

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6 Things to Consider as a Working or Stay-at-Home Mom

Are you trying to decide whether to return to work or stay home after your baby? Before you make the decision, make sure you consider these 6 things.

Did you recently have a child and you can’t decide if you should stay home or go back to work? Or, do you plan to have children soon but don’t know what factors you should consider? There are so many things to consider when deciding what is best for your family as you raise your children. And sometimes, you have no idea if what you’re doing is right. (and honestly, that’s how much of parenting feels, anyway). The decision varies from family to family because everyone is in a little bit different situation. For many of us, the decision may […]

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7 Reasons Your Grammar Keeps You From Success

For most people, grammar is boring. The word itself even bores people. It isn’t the coolest part of writing; not by a longshot. However, it’s still important. I like to think of grammar like going to the dentist; most people hate it: hate thinking about it, hate talking about it, and definitely, hate going, but it’s in your best interest to go. I remember back in high school writing courses when many of my peers completely disregarded grammar. They didn’t believe it was important to learn proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling – especially with autocorrect in word processing programs. Similar […]

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How To Know When It’s Time to Leave a Job You Love

Have you ever struggled with whether to leave a job or not? Check out our sure tell signs it's time to leave the job you love.

Some of us are lucky enough to have found a job we absolutely love. Maybe it’s the company, the people, or the actual work that makes this job rewarding for you. Whatever it is, you love going into work every day. However, most amazing things end eventually (like that never-ending-pasta-bowl at Olive Garden). I hope this isn’t the case for you if you love your job, but for most of us, the reality is that we’ll leave our current roles and move onto different roles. For some, you might even leave a job you still love. I recently left my […]

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Should You Use Grammarly? – A Professional Writer’s Honest Review

The most in-depth Grammarly review you'll ever read

Spell Check Programs Aren’t Good Enough Writing digitally is the reality of today. Whether you’re blogging, drafting a proposal, writing your resume, or sending an email – you’re likely using some digital platform to do it. But here’s the big issue: what if you want to work separately from a word processing program – especially one without any spell check capabilities? Even if spell check is available when you’re writing, do you trust it? How many times do you wish spell check was just a little better? That it caught something a real-life reader actually would have caught? I run […]

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8 Grammar Rules You Should Never Ignore

8 grammar rules you should never ignore

I don’t know if it’s the domination of texting lingo throughout the interwebs and offline, or if it is laziness from our instant gratification culture, but I believe grammar in society today is moving downhill quickly. As a person with a writing degree, I take grammar, punctuation, and spelling seriously, even in trivial situations. I know it is usually overkill, but I believe grammar is not only a skill you learn but also a skill you sharpen by consistent practice. I don’t believe it’s about perfection, and I will be the first person to admit that I don’t always get it right. […]

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6 Ways Getting a Mentor Will Boost your Career

6 ways getting a mentor will boost your career.

You can take the next step in your career by getting a professional mentor. I became a better employee and more employable once I got a mentor. When I was in college, I had a phone interview with a company for an HR Intern position. I received a call a couple of days later stating that I didn’t get the job, but something interesting happened. Katie, my would-be boss, told me she thought I had strong potential (but not the right experience) and offered to mentor me instead. Looking back now, I realize that was like a gold bar falling […]

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8 Weird Things that Happen When You Work From Home

8 weird things that happen when you work from home

When I graduated college, my life changed drastically. I continued working at the same company where I had been interning, except now in a full-time capacity. I got married just 17 days after graduation (boy was that stressful – that’s a story for another time). Then, everything took an even more unexpected change when my husband entered grad school, causing me to work from home. Although it as a long, prayerful decision, we packed our bags and moved 300 miles for his classes. Luckily, I work at a flexible company that allows employees to work from home as needed. I […]

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