How Save $600 a Year on Your Internet Bill Without Bundling

Are you paying more than $35 a month for your internet? Read our tips on how to save $600 a year on your internet bill without bundling!

Do you ever look at your internet bill and wonder if you could negotiate a lower price? I know I’m not the only one who thinks internet costs way more than it should. Especially because there’s free WiFi almost everywhere you go. However, because many of us need internet, either because we work from home, our kids have online school work, or we have various other digital devices that are connected through it, we feel trapped by the ridiculously-high internet prices. Gone are the days of awesome deals where you can get cheap reliable internet for $10 a month (in part, because […]

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9 Awesome Tips to Crush Your First Month in a New Job

Do you want to start your new job on the right foot? Read our 9 awesome tips to help you crush the first month of your new job!

A few months ago, I started a new job. It was thrilling, exciting, and also terrifying. Being new at a company is intimidating. Taking everything in is overwhelming. You’re unsure how to navigate the workplace and how to get up-to-speed in the quickest way possible. I wanted to be the best employee I could be and I wanted to rock it. But, I failed. In several areas. I don’t want you to do the same, so I’ve provided nine ways to ensure you crush it at your new job by learning from my mistakes – and mistakes others often make. […]

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Why Secret Shopping is Better Than a Part-Time Job

Are you looking for a flexible way to make extra cash? Read why we think secret shopping is better than a part-time job! And it makes MUCH MORE money!

Last year, I brought home an extra $570 by secret shopping. Although that may not sound like much, that was for about 15 hours of my time. If you have an extra hour a month, you too can reap the awesome benefits of secret shopping. And, if you have more than an hour to commit, you can bring home way more money than I did! What is Secret Shopping? Secret shopping is the act of performing tasks “secretly” as a means of rating companies on certain predefined areas. Often, you’re performing everyday tasks, buying common items, and partaking in normal […]

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15 Tips to Get Your Bad Sleeper to Sleep…FINALLY!

Have you struggled with getting your baby to sleep through the night? Try our 15 tips to get your bad sleeper to finally sleep!

I have a one-year-old boy, and I have to admit: that first year wasn’t always fun. I know, any seasoned parent could have told me it would be that way. The hardest part? He. Wouldn’t. Sleep. Not the normal baby-that-doesn’t-sleep. He was a Grade A bad sleeper. I remember going back to work at 8 weeks, running on 4 (broken) hours of sleep. Crazy enough, it felt normal. But I knew it wasn’t. I was exhausted, emotional, and running on fumes. At 4.5 months old, he finally slept through the night for the first time. (And by that, I mean 6 […]

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Here’s How to Actually Succeed at the Goals You Set

Do you find that you never fully succeed at any of the goals you set? Read our blog on how to actually succeed at the goals you set!

Does this story sound familiar to you? You’re really energized to accomplish X project. Either something put wind under your sails, or the idea is still fresh and exciting, or someone reaffirmed the coolness of this project. Whatever it is, you’re pumped about it. You feel like you need to do allthethings today and RIGHT NOW. So, you write down your goals with the project (because that’s what every great motivational speaker says you have to do first, right?) and set up a flimsy action plan. It doesn’t matter because you’re bound to succeed! Then, a few days/weeks/months pass. You’re suddenly […]

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35 Binge-Worthy Young Adult Dystopian Novels You Must Read Today

Are you looking for a new series to binge on? Read our recommendations for 35 YA dystopian novels you must read!

I love getting lost in a good dystopian novel. Nothing beats the feeling of being part of this imaginary world the author creates for you and experiencing all the events right alongside the characters. Finding a good series to binge is like waking up on Christmas morning. That’s why I compiled this list of the best dystopian binge-worthy books (and series) for you to read. Some, you may have already read, while others may be new to you. Check out the best 35 most binge-worthy young adult (ya) dystopian novels you must read today. (Even if you’re out of those high school […]

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6 Things to Consider as a Working or Stay-at-Home Mom

Are you trying to decide whether to return to work or stay home after your baby? Before you make the decision, make sure you consider these 6 things.

Did you recently have a child and you can’t decide if you should stay home or go back to work? Or, do you plan to have children soon but don’t know what factors you should consider? There are so many things to consider when deciding what is best for your family as you raise your children. And sometimes, you have no idea if what you’re doing is right. (and honestly, that’s how much of parenting feels, anyway). The decision varies from family to family because everyone is in a little bit different situation. For many of us, the decision may […]

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The Ultimate List of Useful Christmas Gifts for all Types of Women

Christmas is so much fun. I love watching others open their gifts and see how much joy they get out of something new. One issue, I find, however, is finding the perfect gift for everyone. Especially those that are more difficult to shop for, like other women. Some don’t know what they want. Some are picky. And others are so selfless, they want nothing. So I compiled this list of simple items that aren’t over-the-top to help you find that perfect gift. These are all practical and useful gifts that you can be sure she’s not going to throw away immediately […]

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How to Save $50 on Gift Wrapping for Christmas

Looking to save money this Christmas? Read how you can save $50+ this year on Christmas gift wrapping supplies!

**I was compensated for this post. This post also contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.   Every year, I dread wrapping gifts for Christmas. It’s an added cost that I never seem to think about until the last minute. Plus, it ALWAYS takes longer than I expect. ALWAYS. Until last year. Last year, a friend told me about a little-known secret that seriously saved me $50 on gift wrapping. I’ll never wait in long lines again for the after-Christmas sales at the large department stores, hoping to save […]

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10 Simple Ways To Save Money That You Probably Haven’t Tried

Do you constantly struggle to save money for those big expenses? Read our 10 simple ways on how to save money (that you probably haven't tried!)

By the time I graduated high school, I had close to $10,000 in the bank. Most of this was from saving money I made from my part-time, minimum-wage, retail job. Back then, money-saving apps didn’t exist and I knew nothing about tools, tips, and tricks that people used to save money. We are lucky that we now have all of that and more at our fingertips. If you’re living paycheck-to-paycheck and having a hard time building up your savings, maybe you aren’t doing the right things to build up those savings. I think I can help you take small steps […]

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